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Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Blanket 2.0, Orange Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Blanket 2.0, Orange

The lightweight Survival Blanket 2.0 provides all-weather protection by reflecting your own body heat back to you. Use for warmth in a tent or in emergency situations. Features: - Ideal for carrying in a day pack for emergencies, or as part of an emergency kit for your car or home - Windproof and waterproof - Lightweight but durable for use over and over again - High-visibility reflective surface works for emergency signaling - Use inside of, or wrapped around, a sleeping bag for extra warmth on cold nights - Polyethylene, reinforced fabric, and metalized polyester Additional Uses Include: – Make a lean-to shelter by lashing ropes through the corner grommets – Use as a ground cloth to reflect heat up – Wrap cold/frozen food in it for transport Specifications: - Size: 60" x 83" - Weight: 13.6 oz. - Color: Orange/Silver Reflective

Our Price: $20.99
Survival/Adventure Medical NanoHeat Blanket Survival/Adventure Medical NanoHeat Blanket

The Nano Heat Survival Blanket is equipped with a weather & Spill proof coating along with a metalized coating on the inside to keep you warm on your next adventure or travel.

Our Price: $29.99
Heat Factory Emergency/Survival Warmer Pack Heat Factory Emergency Warmer Pack

Emergency/Survival Warmer Pack

For Survival be prepared and warm, anytime - anywhere. Inspired by a true story, the Emergency Warmer Pack is a key essential to stock for any emergency situation. This combination of warmers, glow sticks and emergency blanket can make a big survival difference. Store in your car, boat and gear bags - never leave home without it.

Included are 12 pair hand, 6 pair toe, 6 large body warmers, 2 glow sticks and 1 mylar emergency blanket. 430+ hours of heat!


- Height: 4.25"
- Width: 6.75"
- Depth: 10.5"
- Weight: 4 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 3.3 pounds.
Dimensions: 6.75" (W) x 4.25" (H) x 10.25" (D)

Our Price: $34.99
U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics & Techniques [NFS] U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics & Techniques [NFS]

U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics & Techniques [NFS]

Book U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics & Techniques. 954 pages. Everything you will ever need to know in order to survive. Includes techniques on first aid; survival in the hottest or coldest of climates; finding or building life-saving shelters; surviving nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks; physical and mental fitness, and how to find food and water anywhere, anytime.

Our Price: $35.49
Tex Sport Propane, Deluxe Heater Recreation/Survival Tex Sport Propane, Deluxe Heater

Propane, Deluxe Heater Description

The Texsport Deluxe Propane Heater connects to a bulk propane tank (not included). The heater features a durable ceramic burner for even heating and increased heat radiation, on/off control knob, POL adapter, and an auto shut off valve that shuts the heater off if the fuel flame goes out. A steel reflector helps direct the heat and a safety grid helps to keep you protected.


- Connects to bulk tank (not included)
- Durable ceramic burner for even heating and increased heat radiation
- On/off control knob adjusts burner up to 10,000 BTUs
- POL adapter mounts directly to most bulk tanks
- Auto shut off valve shuts off fuel if flame goes out
- Steel reflector with safety grid

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 2.5 pounds.
Dimensions: 8" (W) x 8" (H) x 13.25" (D)

Our Price: $54.70