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A good flashlight can be priceless in any survival situation. At Your Survival Pro, you can find a large selection of quality LED flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and more to illuminate your surroundings for safety and convenience. Our LED headlamps allow for hands-free operation so you can perform other necessary tasks. We also have survival lanterns that are waterproof and rechargeable, perfect for emergency situations.

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The Ideal Survival Flashlights/Lighting They say we only go as far as our eyes can see. The big question is how far can your eyes see in the dark? Torchlights are a super important tool to have and a survival tool you can't do without. For those in search of great torchlights that will serve them for years and years to come, this article will surely help. What to look out for when purchasing a torchlight. Some of the things to look out for when buying a torch light that will help you when you need all the help you can get include. Durability: The first thing to consider is how reliable your torchlight is, more so if you are prone to letting things slip out of your hands. You also want a torchlight that is not only strong but that never flickers. Zoom: It would be great to have a torchlight that is able to zoom in and out but if this isn't possible, look for one with a great wide angle Brightness: When it comes to torchlights, the brighter the better. Battery performance: LiPo or other rechargeable batteries are great options but if they aren't available, standard AA or AAA can do the trick. Just remember to change them often and always carry spares with you. Portability: As far as survival is the key word, no one wants a torch light that they have to drag along or one that has a noticeable weight. For this reason look for the most portable torchlight with the above qualities. You can find a wide variety of great survival torchlights here.