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Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Blanket 2.0, Orange Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Blanket 2.0, Orange

The lightweight Survival Blanket 2.0 provides all-weather protection by reflecting your own body heat back to you. Use for warmth in a tent or in emergency situations. Features: - Ideal for carrying in a day pack for emergencies, or as part of an emergency kit for your car or home - Windproof and waterproof - Lightweight but durable for use over and over again - High-visibility reflective surface works for emergency signaling - Use inside of, or wrapped around, a sleeping bag for extra warmth on cold nights - Polyethylene, reinforced fabric, and metalized polyester Additional Uses Include: – Make a lean-to shelter by lashing ropes through the corner grommets – Use as a ground cloth to reflect heat up – Wrap cold/frozen food in it for transport Specifications: - Size: 60" x 83" - Weight: 13.6 oz. - Color: Orange/Silver Reflective

Our Price: $20.99
Survival/Adventure Medical SOL Series Scout Adventure Medical SOL Series Scout

Priorities in a survival situation: escape the elements, stay warm, and signal rescuers so you're easy to find. The Scout has you covered on all fronts: a heat-reflective 2-person blanket provides warmth and shelter from wind, rain, and snow, while the one-handed Fire Lite striker and waterproof tinder produce multiple campfires. A 100dB rescue whistle and signal mirror with retro-reflective aiming aid make it easy for you to signal your position to rescuers, and a compass, duct-tape and fishing/sewing kit round out the package. A professional-grade RF-welded waterproof bag keeps contents dry in any conditions. Supply List: - Duct Tape - Compass, Button, Liquid Filled - Fire Lite Fire Striker - Fishing Gear in Vial - Heatsheet Survival Blanket - Mini Rescue Flash Signal Mirror - Mini Rescue Howler Whistle - Tinder Quick Weight: 5.4 oz Size: 3.75" x 6" x 1"

Our Price: $25.99
Survival/Adventure Medical NanoHeat Blanket Survival/Adventure Medical NanoHeat Blanket

The Nano Heat Survival Blanket is equipped with a weather & Spill proof coating along with a metalized coating on the inside to keep you warm on your next adventure or travel.

Our Price: $29.99